Hi! This is just a short introduction to Guitar Samurai. This will be the first in a number of guerrilla style guitar tutorials where I will teach you a bunch of stuff from beginner licks and techniques, warm ups, exercises, right up to advanced level licks and theory.

Develop your own voice

I like to focus on improvisation, soloing techniques and composition ideas rather than teaching other peoples songs. There are many good things to say for learning other peoples music; but I think it’s more important to learn FROM it. Learn the ingredients, theories and techniques of what makes their music sound the way it does. This, then, once you understand what is happening and how to apply it universally, you can adopt as a part of your own playing to add strength and depth to your own style.

Your own style

Everyone has a unique style of playing, even someone who wants to sound exactly like Eddie Van Halen, won’t sound EXACTLY like him (although some may come very close!). Your own style is made up of:

  • All your own personal music tastes – even if you can’t totally play the style of music you like, elements of the style will emerge in your playing.
  • Your personality – laid-back, energetic, shy, extrovert.
  • Your physique – length of fingers, finger strength, shape of your finger tips.
  • Your own personal arsenal of licks in you lick bag – every little thing you learn from melodies, solos, chords, techniques, all get stored in your consciousness and sub-consciousness and these are the things you draw upon when you are improvising or composing.

Embrace these things that make you unique! These are what make you stand out from other guitar players, songwriters, composers and musicians. But also, when you improvise or write something new, this is an extension of your own personality and spirit and when you learn and adopt new principles and ingredients in your playing, this adds another layer of depth to your personality. Such is the journey we are on as guitar players and musicians. A journey of self-development, self-discovery and self-expression. All pretty deep stuff!

This journey is the way of Guitar Samurai.


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