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Getting Started with Improvisation

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Improvisation and just making stuff up on the fly is one of the most fun things to do on guitar, but can be quite daunting to begin with. What do I play? Which notes sound good? How can I not suck?! This is a reall...

‘speedy fingers’ guitar finger exercise

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This video shows you a simple but highly effective exercise for increasing your finger strength, stamina and speed. Just the ticket to get those fingers shredding up and down the fretboard!

The ‘no guitar required’ guitar warm up exercise

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This video shows you such a good exercise for warming up your arms and fingers, ready for all that shred action. It loosens up your muscles and helps you get passed the 'cramping up' point when you are especially play...

Bm Pentatonic jazzy end lick

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This is a short little pentatonic lick in B minor that covers a couple of lead techniques: a two finger bend, some pulloffs and a jazzy 'outside' note to end. Build the techniques and patterns into your own internal '...