About Guitar Samurai



Playing guitar is quite literally a journey, with soaring highs and crushing lows. Quite often guitar players, as any musicians, can find themselves stuck in a rut and getting bored with their playing. You sometimes feel that you’re just swimming round in circles, playing all the same old pieces you usually play and not making any progress.

Well, that’s exactly what I’m looking to help you with. Through the lessons on Guitar Samurai I seek to provide inspiration for your own playing, to ignite your creativity and open up new worlds of musical possibilities!

Develop your own style

I tend not to focus on learning other people’s songs so much as developing your own style and technique. It’s always good to learn from the masters, and good to explore the ingredients of what makes these songs so good, but I believe it’s best to explore songs in terms of what they can offer your OWN playing. Learn what is actually going on in the song to make it sound as awesome as it does and how you can adopt that and incorporate it into your own sound and style. Yup, figure out what’s going on in a song/solo and rip it off, the way guitarists have been doing the instrument was invented!

Short on time

We’re all short on time, so I’m going to start by posting up some really quick lessons and tips, recorded on the fly wherever I can pull up and whip the guitar out the boot of my car!

When I can, I’ll post more detailed lessons and tutorials going into some guitar theory and more complicated licks and techniques.

Freedom and mastery of the fretboard

I’m also planning some AWESOME e-books and online courses for electric and acoustic guitar. These will cover a wide variety of styles to help you get more from your playing, learn more about the guitar and the mechanics of playing it and to help you to gain a deeper understanding of applied guitar theory and how it can help to give you inspiration and ideas to try to help you on your journey to total mastery and freedom one the fretboard.